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Park Your Colorado Real Estate License!

Don't Let Your Real Estate License Expire, It's a Lifetime Revenue Engine!

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Brokers Guild Real Estate Referral Network Is The Place To Be. 

Real estate referral agents connect potential clients with another real estate agent, who then handles the entire transaction. In exchange for the referral, the referral agent receives a portion of the other agent's commission from the sale, commonly referred to as the "referral fee." However, not everyone can become a referral agent. To earn income through referral fees, you must have a valid real estate license and be a part of a real estate brokerage. That's where we can help!

Refer and Earn

Built for Colorado real estate agents.

Real estate referral agents are licensed professionals who refer clients to other licensed agents and receive income for doing so. This can be a highly effective way of generating a lifetime of income. However, as a real estate agent, you will need to share a portion of your commission with the referral agent as a sign of gratitude for their help. The amount of the referral fee you receive will vary depending on what you negotiate, but it is typically around 20-30%.

Retiring Agents

Part time agents

Referral Based Agents

Simple, Quick and Easy

Real Agent Reviews

Becoming a Referral Agent was the best solution for keeping my real estate license active and earning thousands for my referrals. 

Diana M

Brokers Guild real estate is hands down the best option for agents wanting to keep their real estate license active and still have the ability to make money. 

Tom S

The biggest obstacle was trying to keep my real estate license without all the expensive fees. I can keep my license at a minimal cost and make impressive money by referring any clients. 

Tina W

Do Not Let Your License Expire!

Reasons to keep your Real Estate license active:  

  1. Earn extra income.

  2. Build a national referral network.

  3. Your contact network will grow. 

  4. Your business knowledge will increase.

  5. You will earn income for life.

Get Ready To Maximize Your Colorado Real Estate License!

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